The league has been running since around 1970, but in 2011 the league finally got itself a website. The league currently runs mixed doubles (plus knockout competition) and levels doubles leagues, plus 2 tournaments handicapped by ability each season. Both the Miller (mens, ladies and mixed doubles) and Chaplin (mixed doubles only) tournaments are named after people that gave a lot to the sport in the area.


Please have a look around the website for details of what the league does and the clubs, teams and people that play in our events every year (plus our archive).


If you want any more information about the league or the clubs or other local Badminton opportunities please feel free to go to the Somerset Badminton Association Website or find us on the "I play Badminton in Somerset" page on FaceBook. Some of our clubs are in Dorset. If you have any question about the website or the league please feel free to get in contact with us through the Feedback page of this website. Or you could leave us a message on our Guest Book Page.


Miller Tournament

13/10/2018 18:36
The Miller Tournament has now been booked at Gryphon LC,...

SES Coaching session last night at Yeovil College

15/09/2018 09:30
Thank you to everyone for coming to the coaching last night at...

Season has started

15/09/2018 09:26
All of the fixtures are loaded onto the website and the matches...

Final mixed league positions

12/05/2018 19:42
The full tables will be loaded shortly, but the Winners of Div 1...

Final levels results loaded

12/05/2018 19:40
Final tables for the Levels divisions have been loaded. Well...

Nearly the end of the season

03/05/2018 18:44
It is nearly the end of the season and most of the results are...

Updates to the website

28/03/2018 18:04
The participants for the Knockout final have been decided and...

Timing clarification

13/02/2018 22:57
As confirmed to all clubs by email at the start of the season,...

Chaplin Tournament and Level1 and 2 coaching courses

04/02/2018 10:56
The SES Chaplin Tournament has been expanded this season (by...

Getting ready for the new season

25/08/2017 00:28
Last seasons results page has been archived and we are ready...
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